Treat More Patients Without Being Salesy 

Evidence-based audiology case presentation training, hearing consultation presentation tools and resources, and custom live training workshops.

Built and delivered by a Doctor of Audiology and former practice owner who values patient care as much as you do.

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You Change Lives.

We Help You Change Even More.

Most hearing care practices convert less than half of their qualified candidates into treatment.

This leads to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in lost treatment revenue. 

With our evidence-based systems and training, you can consistently reach over 70% treatment conversion.

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Do We Really Need Consultative Sales Training?

Creating consistent consultation experiences for patients that predictably lead to treatment has widespread benefits for your practice.

Create a Consistent  Patient Experience

With structured "Appointment Choreography", every patient will get a life-changing consultation experience.

Communicate With Confidence

Using evidence-based scripting and communication frameworks, you'll never get tongue-tied again.

Achieve Your Goals With Confidence

With consistent tracking and accountability you'll always know how you're performing and what to do next.

Stop Competing on Price

Your custom "Market of One" treatment programs will make price shopping  patients a thing of the past.

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About Brad Stewart, AuD

AudCoach CEO, Creator of The Patient First Method

Dr. Stewart is an audiologist who launched a startup private practice in 2014, and grew it to over $1mm in treatment revenue in under three years. He profitably sold his largely automated practice in 2021.

Brad is a self-proclaimed business geek who has designed training programs and audiology business systems that are used in over 400 practices in the US and internationally.

His professional mission is to amplify the impact of patient-centered audiologists and audiology practices with powerful business systems.

Karen S.

Audiologist, Practice Owner

We went from 10-12 units a month, and this month we're going to do 30...I'm just following the steps and laying it all out, and they're just saying "Yeah, let's do it!" They're not even balking at the price.

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