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I'm Brad Stewart, AuD.

Audiologist, Business Nerd, AudCoach

If you're passionate about helping patients, I'll be the business brain in your corner.

Grow your revenue, run your practice on your own terms, and build an owner-independent business with training, business systems, and coaching from someone who's been there and gets you.

I launched my startup private practice in 2014, grew it to over $1mm in treatment revenue in under three years, put it on auto-pilot, and exited profitably in 2021.

Now I help practice owners treat more patients while building life-enhancing, freedom-creating private practices.

How I Can Help


Consultative Sales Training

Helping more patients starts in the consultation room. Get world-class systems, training, and accountability with the Patient First program.

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Mobile Audiology Programs

Learn how to launch a mobile practice from scratch, or add senior living marketing to grow your brick & mortar practice!

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CounselEAR Database Marketing

Audomation 2.0 keeps you top-of-mind and keeps patients coming back on autopilot. Turn-key lifecycle marketing for CounselEAR.

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One-on-One Coaching

Looking for accountability and expert guidance to achieve your goals? Schedule a Free Strategy Session to unlock your Dream Practice!

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