Launch a Successful Mobile Audiology Practice With Confidence

Build a highly flexible, low-cost, and in-demand audiology business model without any guesswork, risky decisions, or wasted time and money.


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You're a skilled hearing care expert who gets great results for your patients.


BUT you're understandably concerned about third party "insurance" companies who don't pay even close to what you're worth, media that portrays you as the greedy middleman, and ongoing disruption and commoditization from outside forces.
You entered this profession to provide patient care at the highest level, but now you're feeling the pressure to make compromises.
You're looking for something different. Something that lets you provide that extravagant, world-class, ear-to-ear grin level of care...and get paid accordingly.

What if you could be free in your practice?


Like, really, truly free.
Free to kick insurance companies to the curb.
Free to say "no" to the wrong patients and the wrong opportunities.
Free to grow and scale.
Or free to stay small, light, and lean as a lifestyle business.
Free to provide your patients with the level of care they deserve...
...AND free to share what you're worth.
Free to give your time and money away generously.
Free to invest in building a team culture you're proud of.
Free to build your Dream Practice™.
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Sounds Pretty Great, Right? probably have some questions and doubts.


Questions Like:

You want a successful, future-proof private practice.


Maybe one with

A service so unique, you never have to compete on price

Because the goal isn't to compete, it's to be incomparable.

A marketing plan that attracts ideal patients on demand

So you're never on the feast or famine marketing rollercoaster.

Membership programs that create consistent revenue

So, you never work for free and devalue your service again.

Staffing and scheduling plans that are simple and profitable

Flexibility for you and a clear vision for your team.

Heck yeah, I'm in!

But there's a problem...

There's a huge gap between where you are now, and where you want to be.

To succeed, you need to bridge that gap.


The good news?


Building a successful mobile practice isn't rocket science.

You can absolutely do it, even if you have no business background or skills.


All you need to do is learn.

Not more audiology skills, but business skills.

A good mobile audiology practice with a steady stream of patients consists of 5 simple business systems:

Then once you set up those systems, you can focus on growing them.


That's it. That's business in a nutshell. Set up repeatable business systems, then refine, repeat, and scale them!


So how do you bridge the knowledge gap and build your systems? (There's a lot of noise out there)


There are a ton of trainings, consultants, 'experts', blogs, Facebook comments, and podcasts, all chock full of wildly different advice on pricing, programs, offers, business models, and even if you should niche down to mobile or not. It's overwhelming.


What if it didn't have to be so confusing or hard?


Hint: It doesn't.

Hi, I'm Brad Stewart, AuD

I launched my mobile audiology practice as a young, green audiologist in 2014. With lots of bumps, bruises, and lessons learned, we scaled it to over $1mm annual revenue in under 3 years. Our small but mighty audiology team served thousands of patients in nearly 100 senior living communities in the Dallas market.

Over time I built business systems that allowed me to put my practice on auto-pilot, and sold it profitably in 2021.

I built the Mobile Practice Program to help other audiologists learn from my mistakes and get exactly what it takes to launch and grow a successful, lucrative, and flexible practice, without making costly and time consuming mistakes.

Trusted by Leading Audiology Organizations and over 300 Private Practices 

Enter: The Mobile PracticeTraining Program

The Mobile Practice™ is your simple, one-stop-shop, business in a box training program to build a profitable mobile audiology practice full of happy, paying patients

Let's Build Your Dream Practice!

I built The Mobile Practice™ to be the training program and community I wish I had when I was launching and growing my mobile audiology practice.


Here's a peek at what's inside.

Here's What You Get in The Mobile Practice™

The Mobile Practice™ Proven, Simple Business Model 
Training Video Modules, Worksheets, Templates & Checklists:
  • Your Dream Practice™: Identify exactly the business you want to build
  • Reverse Engineer Your Dream Practice™: Outline exactly what it takes to build your Dream Practice
  • Business Planning and Goal Setting: Step-by-step walkthrough to build your plan and put deliverables on the calendar so you get it done!
  • ​KPI Tracking: What you measure gets managed. Learn how to track the numbers that make a difference, and use them to make informed business decisions.
  • The Mobile Model Maker™: Frameworks and trainings to make the most critical pre-launch business decisions (pricing, service plans, bundled vs. unbundled, insurance participation, and more..)
  • ​The Mobile Membership™: Install our innovative membership program that ensures excellent patient care, reimburses you for your work, and protects your schedule
  • ​Tracking Tools: Keep track of your key vendors, account applications, insurance credentialing, and more!
The Mobile Marketing Method™ 
A proven, comprehensive, turn-key mobile audiology marketing program that creates infinite ROI growth in your practice.
  • 11 Comprehensive Training Videos: Learn everything you need to know to attract ideal prospective patients to your mobile audiology practice like clockwork.
  • The Territory Analysis Toolkit™: Break down your market and gain a detailed understanding of your best outreach opportunities 
  • The Senior Living Outreach System: Scripting, workflows, email templates, educational materials, staff training resources, and tracking documents so you can build your senior living marketing program predictably and sustainably!
  • The Ultimate Hearing Clinic™: Run hearing clinics that make an impact. Templates, marketing kits, conversion training, results worksheets, POA workflows, and more...
  • The Signature Seminar™: Tired of hearing "I learned so much, thank you", with no booked appointments after your lunch and learns and seminars? The Signature Seminar™ is a proven framework that builds credibility and trust, and consistently converts attendees into ready-to-treat consultation appointments.
  • ​Senior Facility Resources: Become the trusted hearing consultant for senior living communities in your market. Turn-key fall risk training, in-service staff training, HA caregiver cheat sheets, and more...
The Simple, Profitable Staffing & Scheduling System
  • The Mobile Practice Block Schedule: Build a schedule that protects your time, prioritizes efficient patient care, and is simple for you and your team to understand and implement.
  • The Simple System for Building Systems™: Learn how Brad built his practice to run on auto-pilot, and how you can build a business asset that you can choose to work in (or not!)
  • Create Your Expert Systems: Never lose sleep over an employee leaving the practice and taking their valuable knowledge with them. Get your team on-board with consistently creating and updating business systems and cross-training, so you're never left in a lurch and can scale without constant hands-on training.
  • The 5 Business Pillars: You got into this to help people hear, not run a business. This short course teaches you the simplest method to build, systematize, and manage the 5 key systems in your practice.
  • Staffing Simplified™: Often, new staff lead to increase complexity and decreased profit, even though the goal was the opposite. Follow this framework to hire for the right next position in your mobile practice so you can keep things simple and profitable.
The Mobile Practice Coaching Program 
Set achievable goals, develop an implementation plan, and receive resources, templates, and training to make constant progress towards your objectives.
  • Live Coaching Calls: Join Dr. Brad for accountability, troubleshooting, feedback, and role-play training.
  • Over 30 Hours of Recorded Coaching Calls: Benefit from the students who came before you with lifetime access to our coaching call library. 
  • Private Mobile Practice Community: Join your peers and colleagues (territory exclusive) to collaborate, discuss what's working in your practice, and share the positive momentum of each other's success!
  • Asynchronous Coaching Access: Something come up that you need to address before the next coaching call? Email anytime for coaching and support!
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Bonus #1: Territory Exclusivity

We teach proprietary and powerful mobile audiology business strategies in this program, and we don't want to create competitors for you in your market. As a member of The Mobile Practice Program, you will lock out any new program participants in your home market* for the entire period you are participating in the program.

*Territory Exclusivity for the entire county that your practice primarily serves

Bonus #2: Exclusive Oaktree Products Pricing

Oaktree is a proud partner of The Mobile Practice Program, and all participating clinics receive access to exclusive pricing on "The Mobile Startup Kit" as well as Oaktree's most aggressive volume pricing for the clinical supplies you use daily.

Bonus #3: Exclusive MedRx Pricing

Get the very best pricing available on MedRx's powerful diagnostic equipment, including the Ultimate Office kit - a portable real ear/audiometer PC-based combo kit, with a perfect travel bag for the mobile audiologist (over $2,000 savings!).

We're accepting new professionals for "The Mobile Practice" program this month, and we're looking for a few specific people.

So, if you want...

  1. To design a life-changing program using a proven model that's profitable, simple, and sustainable, and gets real results for your patients.
  2. A confidence-inspiring mobile marketing plan that allows you to control your new patient flow like a water tap.
  3. Scalable business systems including staffing, training, scripting, forms, equipment, and everything else you need for a successful program
  4. A coach with real world experience in starting, scaling, and selling a successful mobile audiology practice who will guide you through challenges.
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What happens after I apply?

If it looks like you're a good fit for the program, we'll set up a call with Brad Stewart, AuD to go into more details about your practice's needs, and to give you an opportunity to ask questions and get clarification.

The call is not a sales pitch. We only want folks who are an excellent fit and very prepared to move forward with taking action in the program.

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