Transform Your Practice. Reclaim Your Life.

Hey, I'm Brad Stewart, AuD.

I help practice owners build simple, profitable practices that don't rely on them.

If you want a practice full of happy patients that grows on autopilot while you work a handful of days each week...

...let's talk!

I help practice owners accomplish three things in 1:1 coaching:

  • Increase profitability while working 10+ fewer hours in the clinic
  • Generate consistent candidate flow and high treatment acceptance
  • Build effective teams, systems and processes

Why Work With Me?

There are a lot of sources for business guidance out there.

  • You could get free advice from your buying group or manufacturer trainers. 
  • You could hire a colleague who's currently in private practice and offers consulting.
  • You could hire a coach or consultant from outside the industry.

I've done all of those, and I learned something each time. I would never claim to be the only source of truth or the best fit for every situation.

However, there are a few reasons you might choose to work with me in your practice.

You Want a Mentor Who's as Patient-Centered as You

As a practicing audiologist, the patient experience was my obsession. I'll help you maintain or develop a strong patient experience and practice culture, and support you like only someone who's been in the trenches can.

You Need an Advisor To Demystify the Business Stuff

I'm kinda obsessed with making business simple. I'll be the business brain in your corner, helping you find the clearest and most sustainable path to a healthy and profitable practice. Look forward to business confidence.

You Want a Trusted Guide Who Doesn't Have Ulterior Motives

Unlike representatives who work for large industry organizations and manufacturers, when I work with you I don't have a commission to hit or corporate overlords to answer to. My one and only goal is helping you build your ideal practice.

You Want an Effective Coach Who's 100% Focused on Your Success

While some professionals consult on the side, my clients get 100% of my energy, effort, and focus. I have high standards for my results. I've invested enormous time and resources to build my skills as an effective coach.

1:1 Coaching

What Coaching With Me Looks Like

Program Overview

  •  I take ten 1:1 coaching clients at a time. When a spot opens up I prioritize people on the waitlist. My next availability is currently May 2024.
  • It’s month-to-month. You're never locked in, just remember that results don’t happen overnight. A minimum 3 month initial engagement is generally recommended.
  • You get access to all relevant training, resources, scripts, templates, and tools in my IP library.
  • 90-minute Onboarding Strategy when we start so we can frame your goals and our coaching together.
  • Private Zoom calls with me twice a month, quarterly Strategic Planning Sessions, and access to the Practice Amplifier community and programs (live workshops, group coaching, "Amplifier Learning Tracks")
  • Email between sessions so you can ask questions, get feedback, use me as a sounding board, etc…
This is for me! I'm in!

Before you sign up, you should know that my coaching aligns with my values.

I don’t want clients who think, live, or act exactly like me, but we do need to be aligned in our values.


Our patients are the valuable humans that we serve, not dollar signs. We speak and act accordingly.

Growth Mindset

Just because you haven't done something in the past doesn't mean you can't grow and learn.


We take responsibility for our efforts and results. As leaders, we know that we're either the growth catalyst or killer.


We're true to our word and committed to serving the best interests of our patients, team, and community.

Elevate Your Practice

When You Partner With Someone Who's Been There, Done That

(After 12+ years of private practice experience, I’ve seen it alllll and learned a thing or two)

Combine expert direction with the established momentum you already have so you can:

  • Empower a skilled team you can trust to strengthen your business and give you back an extra 10+ hours each week
  • Have a simple & profitable attraction, conversion, treatment, and operations strategy to strengthen your practice.
  • Implement predictable, repeatable, scalable systems for more consistent treatment revenue
  • Create a business that exists to support your life instead of draining you & pulling you away from it
  • Build the mental resilience required to step into the CEO role and lead the business you’re building
This is for me! I'm in!

Trusted By Leading Audiology Organizations and Over 300 Private Practices

Cliff Olson, AuD

Anytime we have an idea for something we want to do, Brad is one of the first people I bounce ideas off of. I would consider him to be one of the best digital marketing experts in the hearing industry. If you're looking to incorporate marketing automation in your practice, Brad Stewart should be your first call.

Kevin Ivory, AuD

"Dr. Stewart’s program was the exact thing I always wanted but never had the creativity, content, or time to develop on my own... His system was a no brainer marketing expense as it has already paid for itself (and more) in less than a month..."

Karen Sharpe, Audiologist

We went from 10-12 units a month, and this month we're going to do 30...I'm just following the steps and laying it all out, and they're just saying "Yeah, let's do it!" They're not even balking at the price.

Learn More About My Philosophy

I post on LinkedIn about being a more effective audiologist and practice owner, as well as how to build a business that supports your life.

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