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Create a unique, differentiated, and in-demand community grassroots marketing program without any guesswork or wasted time and money.

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Traditional marketing strategies are expensive and competitive, and often don't generate ideal prospects.


Whether it's hit-or-miss direct mail prospecting campaigns, "branding" newspaper and magazine ads that don't generate actual business results, or digital marketing that you don't really understand but feel obligated to invest in...audiology marketing is kind of a mess.
You entered this profession to provide patient care at the highest level, and you want a marketing strategy that communicates who you are and attracts your ideal patients (not free turkey giveaways or $500 off vouchers).
You're looking for something different. A marketing strategy that is designed to build trust, credibility, and a desire to work with your practice.


...or maybe you're happy with your current marketing efforts, but want to maximize the number of patients you're reaching in your community!

Enter: Mobile Audiology Marketing


 What's that?

Mobile Marketing is a grassroots community marketing strategy with a specific focus on TWO proven marketing activities that  consistently deliver exceptional results.

Our process works optimally inside of community groups and living facilities where seniors congregate.

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Why Focus on Marketing to Senior Facilities and Community Groups?

Where would you catch the most fish, the most consistently?

The Vast Ocean

(AKA mainstream marketing channels)

Hopefully you're using the right lure, fishing in the right spot, at the right time of day. There are ideal candidates out there, but there's a lot of skill and luck involved in finding them.

The Stocked Pond

(Senior Community Mobile Marketing)

Thousands of your ideal fish live in this small pond, and the shop gave you the exact bait you need to attract them. Success is as simple as showing up and using the provided equipment.

What Types of Marketing Strategies Work Best?


Complexity is the killer of execution. We teach TWO simple, profitable marketing activities that CONSISTENTLY create predictable results.

The Ultimate Hearing Clinic

Create immediate clarity and wins for prospective clients without devaluing your expertise and service. This structured system results in patient buy-in and predictable conversion to HAE appointments.

Signature Seminars

The Signature Seminar system is like a regular lunch & learn event on steroids. The difference? Signature Seminars consistently convert  attendees to qualified hearing consultations.

Heck yeah, I'm in!

But you probably have some questions...

Important questions, like...

To succeed, you need to bridge that gap.


The good news?


Building a successful Mobile Marketing Program isn't rocket science.


All you need to do is follow a proven roadmap...


 ...A roadmap that we've laid out for you in The Confident Mobile Marketer Program™.


The Confident Mobile Marketer Program™ 
A proven, comprehensive, turn-key mobile audiology marketing program that creates infinite ROI growth in your practice.
  • 11 Comprehensive Training Videos: Learn everything you need to know to attract ideal prospective patients to your mobile audiology practice like clockwork.
  • The Territory Analysis Toolkit™: Break down your market and gain a detailed understanding of your best outreach opportunities 
  • The Senior Living Outreach System: Scripting, workflows, email templates, educational materials, staff training resources, and tracking documents so you can build your senior living marketing program predictably and sustainably!
  • The Ultimate Hearing Clinic™: Run hearing clinics that make an impact. Templates, marketing kits, conversion training, results worksheets, POA workflows, and more...
  • The Signature Seminar™: Tired of hearing "I learned so much, thank you", with no booked appointments after your lunch and learns and seminars? The Signature Seminar™ is a proven framework that builds credibility and trust, and consistently converts attendees into ready-to-treat consultation appointments.
  • ​Senior Facility Resources: Become the trusted hearing consultant for senior living communities in your market. Turn-key fall risk training, in-service staff training, HA caregiver cheat sheets, and more...
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Oaktree is a proud partner of The Mobile Practice Program, and all participating clinics receive access to exclusive pricing on "The Mobile Startup Kit" as well as Oaktree's most aggressive volume pricing for the clinical supplies you use daily.

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Get the very best pricing available on MedRx's powerful diagnostic equipment, including the Ultimate Office kit - a portable real ear/audiometer PC-based combo kit, with a perfect travel bag for the mobile audiologist (over $2,000 savings!).

We're accepting new professionals for "The Mobile Marketing Method" program this month.


So, if you want a confidence-inspiring mobile marketing plan that allows you to control your new patient flow like a water tap.
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Clinical training and marketing programs require hands-on effort and active work on the part of your practice to achieve results.

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