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Marketing AuDomation 2.0

You're a few clicks away from changing your practice forever.

Nearly 300 clinics around the world are using AuDomation 2.0 to:

βœ… Create a World-Class Patient Experience: Automatically increase reviews, referrals, and patient loyalty

βœ… Increase Tested-Not-Treated Conversion: 20% TNT conversion vs. 2% industry average (>$70k revenue in my clinic during COVID in 2020)

βœ… Shorten the Patient Buying Cycle: Patients happily upgrade technology every 3.5 years on average (vs. 5 year industry average)

βœ… Reduce Staff Workload and Management: Free up staff time, eliminate human error and lazy follow-up

What you'll get:

  • Post-Purchase Campaigns that build loyalty, trust, and address common device problems - reducing visits and returns
  • A Tested-Not-Treated campaign email and mailer series that unlock ten's or hundred's of thousands of dollars of untapped revenue already in your practice
  • End-of-Service and End-of-Warranty campaigns that get patients back in, plus training to optimize revenue-building opportunities at these critical appointments
  • Device Aging Campaigns designed to create patient excitement around testing the newest and best solutions - dramatically increasing current patient upgrade revenue

Exclusive Bonuses Including:

Bonus #1: The Early Upgrade Strategy

Learn a powerful system to consistently guide current patients to updated technology (includes scripting and templates).

Bonus #2: The In-House Extended Warranty

Instant access to the innovative scripting, templates, and strategy behind an in-house extended warranty program that:  

πŸ’° Increases patient lifetime value by over $400 per patient

πŸ₯³ Creates added perceived value for patients

πŸ“ˆ Maximizes your extended warranty income

🀝 Decreases the likelihood that your patients leave you for your competition

Bonus #3: The CounselEAR Rapport Builder Pre-Consult System 

Build rapport before they walk in the door with a secret backdoor system to create relationship building pre-consult emails that drive up perceived value and trust!

Bonus #4: 60 Minutes to Success Implementation Session 

By the end of this session, you'll never need to worry about marketing to your database again!

Bonus #5: Lifetime Program Access 

No monthly recurring fees (excluding OMS marketing automation fees) to access all of the templates, tools, and resources for the program.

Pay once and they're yours to use and customize forever! 


What People Are Saying:

A patient with 4-year-old aids just called to schedule. He got an email about new technology and he's ready to order! Automated email at its finest!

Dawn-Marie Bass, AuD

Our automated marketing is working great so far! Patients are calling and we are thrilled that we don't have to worry about it!!!

Rachel Phelps Garcia, BC-HIS

Dr. Stewart’s email marketing automation was the exact thing I always wanted but never had the creativity, content, or time to develop on my own for patient retention, as well as following up with my tested not treated patients. His system was a no brainer marketing expense as it has already paid for itself (and more) in less than a month by automatically outreaching to every different type of patient in my database without having to do a thing!

Kevin Ivory, AuD

I would consider Brad Stewart to be one of the best digital marketing experts in the hearing industry. If you're looking to incorporate marketing automation inside of your practice, Brad Stewart would be my first call.

Cliff Olson, AuD